Thursday, July 3, 2014

July Sale on Women's Fiction & Author Interview

Happy Independence Day!!

Today I've got new author Vicki Hunt Budge on my blog talking about her debut novel, Intercession. Intercession is LDS women's fiction (one of my favorite genres, you could probably tell :)). For this book, in particular, I love that although the main characters are going through some pretty difficult trials, they are able to do so without wavering in their faith--using it, instead, to help pull them through their challenging times. In fact, they find ways to share their love for the Savior and the support of the Church with others who are going through struggles of their own. Intercession flows well and is an easy read with a little romance on the side and is the first of a series of novels. But I'll let the author herself introduce you to her book:

Welcome, Vicki! I'm so glad you've come to my blog today. Please tell us a little about Intercession.
 Intercession is a love story. It is a story about Jessica Mobley, a thirty-year-old LDS mother of three, whose husband abandons her and flies off to Mexico to meet another woman. She soon unravels his porn addiction and her financial ruin. Jessica guts part of her home to start a preschool and rents out another two rooms. Her life is soon filled with new friends and activities, but the new friends bring problems of their own. It is a story of love and friendship, loaded with drama, inspiration, loss and the tenacity of three women who find their strength in the Lord.

Interesting premise! What was the genesis for this book?
     One time a few years ago, someone suggested that I  write a book about addiction. I said that would be too painful, but I could write about addiction recovery. Addiction recovery is an amazing experience, typically associated with humility, miracles, and the hand of the Lord. I have witnessed it many times.

The book is set in a beautiful region of Oregon. Do you have any personal experience with living in Bend or Portland or is it just a place you're interested in?
    Intercession is the first of a four book series entitled Hope and Healing. The books are all set in Bend, Oregon because Bend is so beautiful. Our family lived in Central Oregon for quite a few years. One of my friends in Bend recently sent me pictures of a mermaid swimming in the Deschutes River in the heart of Bend. Yes, you read that right. I might have to include her in an upcoming book.
Hmm . . . interesting! That'll be fun to see later.

I loved your main characters, but I'm interested in your other characters as well--will we have a chance to hear more of their stories?
I'm happy you loved the characters in Intercession. All of my characters are fictitious as well as their stories, but they are real to me and I care about them. I'm more than happy to continue sharing their stories of hope and healing.
Isn't that interesting how our characters become so real to us as authors (and hopefully to the readers as well) even though they're made up?

Since it's summer, we'd love to know what you like to do in the summertime. What are your plans this year?
This summer we have already traveled to southern California for a granddaughter's wedding and to southern Idaho for some family reunions, so I am looking forward to staying home and completing the rewrites for my second book. I love living in America and I love my pioneer ancestors, so I also look forward to celebrating the 4th and 24th of July.

I promised you a sale, so here it is! To celebrate these holidays, Vicki Hunt Budge is running a sale on Intercession from now until July 24th!
You can find Intercession at the following places: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo. It is also available in paperback from the Amazon site.