Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Diamond Rings are Deadly Things by Rachelle J. Christensen

So this review may be a little more information than you want--full of my personal circumstances, but I think it's relevant, so here goes.

Oftentimes when my family goes for a long drive on vacation, we find a book on CD to help pass the time. We've done several in the Harry Potter series, some of the Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites, and all of the Percy Jacksons. But as my children have gotten older, it's become more difficult for us all to come to a consensus, and we've given up the practice. Recently we were on a drive and my husband needed some help staying awake. I had been saving Rachelle J. Christensen's new book Diamond Rings are Deadly Things for just that occasion--to entertain me--but I offered to read to him. I didn't think he'd take me up on it. I mean, it is a romance, right? Turns out it was more than that.

Here's the book description:
Adrielle Pyper knows how to plan a wedding, and she's especially good at pleasing bridezillas. But when her biggest client and best friend is married just three days before the wedding, Adri's world falls apart. She moves to the resort town of Sun Valley, Idaho, and starts from scratch. Thanks to Adri's impeccable tast and unique style, she lands two celebrity clients, and her business seems headed for success—that is, until someone vandalizes the specialty wedding dresses she imported from overseas. The race is on to uncover a secret hidden within the yards of satin and lace before Adri becomes the next victim. 
With a delightful blend of mystery, toe-curling kisses, humor, and spine-tingling thrills, Diamond Rings are Deadly Things is a romantic suspense novel that will keep you turning pages long into the night.

And What We Thought:

We LOVED it! We both got into it right away. The characters were fun, the writing flawless, and the mystery intriguing enough that when we stopped for gas or lunch we found ourselves talking about our latest theories and predictions. It was equal parts humorous, suspenseful, and romantic. What helped, too, was the setting. Sun Valley, Idaho, is special to us and near our home, so it made it all that much more fun, but even if we didn't have personal experience with the place, Rachelle's descriptions make it sound like the perfect place for a visit. I could picture everything. In fact, we ended up Googling restaurants mentioned in the book, wishing they were places we could go visit on our next trip. I loved the addition of the real blog, Mashed Potatoes and Crafts, that Rachelle has set up to coordinate with the book. It's genius and gives you photos and step-by-step instructions for the crafts and recipes described at the beginning of each chapter. And as a bonus, it makes the plot line seem that much more real.

The only bad thing? We finished our drive before we finished the book and my husband wouldn't let me read on without him. It was a good thing we had another long drive scheduled a few days later so we could finish it! Diamond Rings was the perfect read for vacation and I have nothing bad to say. Slight warning that there's a lot of kissing. It never crosses any lines and is perfectly fine--I never would have questioned it except to wonder what my fourteen-year-old son might think if he was listening, and only then because he would have complained that it was mushy--but his ear buds were tuned in to his own music. It isn't necessarily a flaw, though. It is characterization and pertinent to the story line, and I am content that this book still fits in my standard of a clean read.

Where to Find It:

Diamond Rings are Deadly Things is an amazing book and I am glad I was chosen to have a chance to read and review on the release date. You can find Rachelle J. Christensen on her website. Her book can be found pretty much anywhere you'd expect: AmazonBarnes & Noble, and Deseret Book. Pick one up for your next drive!

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