Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Review: Finally You Boxed Set--Impossible to Put Down

If you were given a little mental peek into my writing office, you'd notice that the calendar just to my left has ONLY writing related things scribbled on it: reviews, blog tours, contests, giveaways, deadlines. The calendar is in Spanish (not my chicken scratch, but the actual print it came with--days of the week, months, etc.), but I accepted it for two reasons: 1. Because it was free and 2. Because my son is currently on an LDS mission in a Spanish-speaking country and I thought it would be cool if I learned some Spanish (yeah, that isn't working so well). But the calendar does fulfill its main function--to keep me straight on the commitments I've taken on, and sometimes, with the editing and reviewing, that can get quite busy.

When I had the opportunity to review this particular set of novels, I looked at my calendar and felt a slight tinge of guilt wave over me--after all, I have quite a few review books stacked up, and I wonder if I'll make it through them all--but I quickly jumped on the chance anyway. I thought perhaps I'd fit it in somewhere in October. Late.

Yeah, no. I couldn't wait. Which is why I'm posting this review more than a month earlier than I thought I would. One thing that was helpful in me getting it read so quickly was that I could have my Kindle Fire read to me in the car as I was driving. That, at least, was what got me started. I was tired of commercials, talk shows, and even music, instead craving a story to entertain me as I drove around town. I'd actually read two of the three books before I received this boxed set, so I started in on the one I hadn't read: Julie Wright's Loved Like That. I literally couldn't put it down. I sat with it in my hands at my son's soccer game and read every time the ball was away from the goal (he's the goalie), but shh . . . don't tell him. (Though he probably noticed.)

Loved Like That by Julie Wright

Such an adorable book! Kit is a great character, full of spunk--or should I say, full of LIFE? And James is such a great guy! I loved the concept, the situation, the cop stuff, the Truth or Dare. There wasn't anything I didn't like. A clean, cute romance with sparkle.

A Perfect Fit by Heather Tullis

I love the idea behind this series--an expected, unwanted situation turns into a unique, loving family relationship. A Perfect Fit is the perfect start, and gets you interested into finding out the stories behind each of the sisters. I love the clean romance, snappy dialogue, and interesting characters.

Working It Out by Rachael Anderson

If you're having a bad day and need to escape, here's good one one. I loved this book! Maybe it was my mood the day I finished it. Maybe it was just great writing. As far as the romance goes, it was your typical formula, which of course, is necessary--so that the flow works seamlessly and unconsciously. But there moments in the writing that I just thought were fabulous--little gems of thought that made me want to pull out my highlighter or Post-It flags. Beyond that, I loved the flirty conversations and the kisses sizzled.