Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Top Ten Places to Hide a Love Note

In my latest book, Still Time, the main character, Alyssa Johnston and her husband Mike take turns hiding a unique object in different places, always trying to surprise or even outwit each other, but it's also their way of saying "I love you."

Trying to come up with the various places for them to hide the object got me thinking--what are some creative places to leave a love note? I came up with my top ten list, beyond the typical "under the pillow" and "lipstick on the mirror."
Top Ten Places to Hide a Love Note
by Author Maria Hoagland

1. In the lunchbox. Now this isn't too different, I know. You've probably all done it for your kids at one
point or another, I hope (if not, you better get on that!), but when was the last time you did that for your sweetie?

2. Slipped into the book they are reading. Replace their bookmark with a little note with a short romantic couplet you've composed and see if that doesn't become their most treasured literary work.

3. As a screen saver on their computer. That requires some sneakiness and preparation, but think about how worth it it would be. Seeing their face when they boot up their computer would be priceless. Let's just hope you have their password. :)

4. A sticky note on the steering wheel or dry erase message on the rearview mirror. What a fun way to be reminded throughout the day that someone loves them! Even better if you sneak in while they're at work and do it. Make sure to grab that extra key!

5. Paper towel roll (or to eliminate the chance that one of the kids gets it--yeah, right, when does a child actually clean up after themselves?--the toilet paper roll in the master bath). Just unroll it a bit and then etch out your note before rolling it back up. Surprise!

6. On the milk carton--or since most of us use gallon jugs, maybe an orange juice carton? Tape a picture of the two of you on the back of the milk carton with a note that says something cheesy like, "Missing your love."

7. Tucked in their wallet. This means there might be a little delay in your sweetheart finding your note, but you'll be able to keep track of how often they're pulling the wallet out and rifling through it!

8. Wrapped around their curling iron or under their electric razor. Now, guys, you might want to be careful with this one! You want to surprise her, but don't hide it so well that it catches on fire before she notices it. Oh, and make sure it says something sweet about how nice you think your spouse always looks!

9. In the Notes app on their smartphone or tablet. My husband did this for me and I didn't find it for probably two months! But what a surprise--and a treasure. Besides the beautiful words, I was impressed he could keep a secret that long.

10. In their blood pressure medication/ wrapped around their bicycle handle/ tucked in their running shoes. With a note that says something like, "You get my heart thumping!"

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What are some of the best places you've either

hidden or discovered a love note?