Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Review: My Name Is Bryan by Stacy Lynn Carroll

Book Description:

If your friends jumped off a cliff, would you jump too? Bryan chose to dive. Moments later, as he lay on the beach, unable to move his arms or legs, two questions ran through his mind: Would he walk again? And would he ever have kids? Based on the incredible true story of life, love, and never giving up.

My Review:

This is a book anyone can enjoy from young to not-so-young, fiction reader to nonfiction. My Name Is Bryan is fiction based on a true story and does not disappoint. Though mostly factual, it flows with ease and is compelling and hopeful.

The cover is intriguing, the quotes perfectly chosen, the family photos an insight, and the writing engaging. As the drama unfolds, it follows a young man through personal tragedy to triumph. When Bryan is injured and has every reason to give up, he presses forward with determination and good humor, overcoming tremendous difficulty with aplomb. Written with just the right balance between emotion and fact, joy and despair, tears and laughter, My Name Is Bryan is an inspirational read.

Where to Find the Book:

You can find out more about the author, Stacy Lynn Carroll, and all of her books on her website.

My Name Is Bryan is available in eBook and Paperback