Thursday, December 4, 2014

Writer's Retreats and Winning NaNo

I'm going to make this brief, but my blog was sorely needing updating! And, I DID IT! For the first time ever, I did NaNoWriMo the "real" way--no words, only an outline--and wrote an entire book (which will need a little added, of course, but beginning, middle, end, the whole shebang!) in less than thirty days.

In fact, I finished in fifteen, thanks to the amazing, awesome, and astounding writer's retreat I went to in November! I'd never been to a writer's retreat before and wondered if I could be just as effective sequestering myself in my own office and pretending to be on the retreat to save the money. Yeah, probably not. I could see my adorable son knocking on the door (yes, teenage boys are still adorable) or someone wanting me to cook something, or even me wanting to take time off of writing to spend time with the family. It wasn't going to work.

Thanks to a wonderfully supportive husband, I took a couple of days off of work and headed off to this gorgeous cabin in Heber, Utah. [I would insert a photo here, but I can't find one! Ack! But it was cabin-y and huge and, well, perfect.] Anyway, I spent about three days with twenty-two fabulous writers who inspired me, helped me laugh, talked me through plotting issues, and sprinted with me. Honestly, there's no other way I would have written more than two-thirds of my book in less than three days.

I spent most of my time in one of these two rooms.
Here, in front of a cheery fire. Next to the "talk out your problems" table.

And even more of my time here, in the media room in the left front recliner. Super comfy, this was the dedicated quiet room for people knocking out thousands of words.

So if you get the chance to go to an Authors Incognito writer's retreat--DO IT!! Soooo worth it! Lots of amazing writers, delicious food, and effective work time.

But now, I am off to edit that book I just finished . . .