Monday, February 23, 2015

Review: Flowers of Grace by Teresa Hirst

Book Description

Set in an upscale St. Louis boutique amid a fragile economic climate when retail customers are trading brick and mortar stores for online shopping, Flowers of Grace is a story of love and loss, friendship and forgiveness.

Still mourning a broken engagement, Grace inherits a hibiscus with a legacy she fears she will kill. Doubt in her capacity to nurture anything prompts her to bring the plant into the clothing store she manages, and the dynamic personalities of the female staff band together to help it bloom. Grace and the hibiscus blossom through a wedding and a birth, but its unexpected death pushes her to face false assumptions, opening a path for new love to appear.

The simple gift is more than a plant. When it blooms, so does she. But when it dies, she fears love will too.

My Thoughts

Flowers of Grace takes the reader through those first few young adult years when one is working at defining who they will become in their careers, in their friendships, even in their own personalities. As events unfold, Grace learns things about herself she hadn't realized before, and as those strengths and weaknesses are discovered, she discovers something even more important--that she can adjust and reassess her goals and friendships to make the most of the life she is given. I liked the growth Grace experienced through the course of the book and especially how the book ended. Flowers of Grace is picturesque, clean, and uplifting.

I had a personal connection with this book in that I lived in St. Louis as a transplant at a similar age in my life as Grace. I enjoyed reading the names of the different St. Louis suburbs, streets, and store names which brought back tons of memories. That was a kind of fun bonus for me.

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About the Author

Teresa Hirst was born in Texas and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, with an imagination and creativity straight from the books she consumed in her childhood. She studied journalism at Brigham Young University and graduated with a bachelor of arts in communications. Teresa has worked for a newspaper, in public relations, and as a freelance writer and editor. Today, she observes and tells insightful stories--both nonfiction and fiction--that characterize our emotional experience with life.

Teresa is the author of Flowers of Grace, a novel inspired by a true story, released in February 2015. She also wrote Twelve Stones to Remember Him: Building Memorials of Faith from Financial Crisis, a nonfiction book about twelve families who crossed the Great Recession with faith. Her writing specialties include nonfiction books, women's fiction, biography and interviews, blogging, news releases, and LDS people and topics. 

Flowers of Grace is available in eBook and Paperback