Friday, May 29, 2015

Best Romance of 2014!

If you haven't already read

Stephanie Fowers' sweet & clean contemporary romance Jane and Austen,

you have to read it!

Pure romantic genius with delicious banter. The best non-Jane Austen Jane Austen book I've ever read. Quirky, philosophical, and intellectual at the same time while being a light, fun read. I absolutely loved how Fowers infuses the story with so many of Jane Austen's characters and plots, yet puts her own twists on them for a playful, refreshing read.

Can you tell I liked it? Yeah, probably.

Oh, and I actually didn't read it; I listened to the audio version--and I have to say, I LOVED this narrator. Andrea Emmes is amazing with the different voices and inflections, placing the humor right where it is needed. All together the perfect narration for this amazing book!

I received a complimentary copy of the audiobook for my honest review--which I am happy to give. :)

In case you want to know what it's actually about instead of just my opinion on it, here's the actual book description:

[Jane and Austen: a Sweet Romance] 

Meet Jane and Austen. First there's Jane—an impractical, starry-eyed wedding planner; if love can’t match what she’s read in a book, she doesn’t want it. And then there’s Austen—a pragmatic, logical-to-a-fault financial consultant; even if he were interested in someone, he wouldn’t know. 

The two have one thing in common: they can’t leave each other alone. Jane believes that if Austen could just experience a fairy tale romance, he would secretly love it. And Austen’s pretty sure that if one of Jane’s beloved heroes escaped from the pages of her dog-eared novels, she’d run and hide. 

Both are about to be proven right. 

When the rivals are called on to help a friend plan the biggest wedding of the year, an entire resort full of colorful wedding guests descends upon them—many sharing uncanny similarities to characters in a Jane Austen novel. It doesn’t take long before Jane gets everything she thinks she wants. After all, too much of a good thing can’t be all that bad, right? 

But when Jane’s life turns upside down, the only one she can turn to is Austen; though he’s got his own troubles of the heart…and she's afraid that he's enjoying them more than he should. 

Jane and Austen is available in eBook, Paperback, and Audiobook