Friday, December 18, 2015

A Christmas Worth Billions (Countdown to Christmas Book 4)

A Christmas Worth Billions by Jaclyn Weist

The only thing Lily wants is for her children to have a nice warm home, and to make sure her family’s diner survives. When handsome billionaire David walks in and leaves a rather generous tip, he not only helps her little family, he also gives her something she hasn’t had for a long time—hope.

After the loss of his beloved wife, David moves to a small town in New York, hoping to escape the memories, along with the pressures of his life as the president of the largest ad agency in the country. The last thing he expects when he meets with his pastor is to run into the woman who will change his life forever.

David is willing to shower Lily with everything she needs, but Lily isn’t sure she can handle the kindness after everything she’s dealt with in the past. Will her bad memories keep them from being able to have a future together? Or will he be able to convince her that love is what makes life worth living?

A Christmas Worth Billions is loosely based on I Heard the Bells On Christmas Day. You can purchase it by clicking here! And don't forget to click on the "look inside" to find the trivia answer for the contest you can enter at Trifecta Books.