Thursday, December 24, 2015

Jane & Bingley (Countdown to Christmas)

Jane & Bingley by Jenni James

Eight months ago, Charles Bingley took off for New York and never told Jane Bennet why he was breaking up with her. Now he’s back, and she’s cautiously optimistic at the attention he’s been show­­­ing her.  Could they actually have a chance at rekindling their relationship?  She’s hopeful—until her sister Eliza’s wedding to Will Darcy, when Charles begins to show his true colors again.

Charles knows he’s nearly lost the love of his life, and he isn’t about to let that happen. With the help of his lovable grammy, he comes up with a plan to woo Jane and prove he’s in her life to stay.

Join Charles as he shares with Jane the true Twelve Days of Christmas, and see how with patience, a little imagination, and hope, he captures the heart of the woman who was meant to be his forever.

Jane and Bingley is loosely based on The Twelve Days of Christmas, and can be purchased here! Don't forget to use the "look inside" feature to discover the answer to this story's trivia question.