Friday, April 29, 2016

New Release: Family Medical Fiction Boxed Set "The Good that We Need"

Hey, everybody! I've got an announcement!

Now that I've switched gears a little and moved away from writing inspirational medical, I thought it would be fun to package my three books together in a boxed set.

While the books have nothing in common other than the genre really, I figure someone who likes one of the books will probably like all three. And this way everyone can get a good deal.

Book Description:

Three previously published stand-alone novels about everyday families struggling with the trials all have in life including moving, jobs, bullies, unfulfilled expectations, and serious medical issues. Each person has to learn to balance family life, self-fulfillment, and religious faith, doing their best to combat perfectionism and prejudice.

In Still Time, the protagonist is the caretaker for her mother-in-law with advancing Alzheimer’s while raising her teenage children. Family Size follows three women who want to be the best mothers they can, but each has a different barrier including infertility, pain, and disease. When the main character in Nourish & Strengthen is diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, she must learn to see herself and those around her as God does—with charity and love.

This set of books will leave you with the assurance that when you do your best and put your faith in God, you can find joy in family life.

The Good that We Need