Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Summer Book Trek

I can't believe I am just posting this now! I guess it goes to show you how very busy everyone is in the summer! But it's not too late to join in the Summer Book Trek! Not only do you get a chance to read some fantabulous books, but many of them are on sale and ALL of them are available to be won!

For your chance to win, join the Trek here.

And although I've been busy and late posting this, it doesn't mean I haven't been reading. I've been remodeling (which includes grouting, painting, baseboards, rearranging, building). I've been visiting (six different states multiple times) which includes the beach and Shakespeare and college kids and oodles of fun. I've had family visit me (always a fabulous thing). I've been scrambling to meet a deadline (Thanksgiving novella coming up I am soo excited!). I've been buying a new car (and that took way too much time). And I've been reading.

So what am I reading this summer? Let me tell you what I'm excited to read:

Hawaiian Masquerade by Rachelle Christensen
The Healer by Gregg Luke
The Librarian Shoots a Gun by Amber Gilchrist
The Lucky Billionaire by Jeanette Lewis
The Other Side of Quiet by Tara C. Allred
Sistering by Jennifer Quist

I started to list all the Trek books I've already read, but it's taking me way too long to list them all! Do check my review tab above if you want to see what I thought of many of those wonderful books.

Also--You've got to read Flash by Alex Hoagland! It's an amazing book! You can find it on Amazon here.