Monday, July 31, 2017

Romance Awareness Month by Proper Romance

Are you a sweet romance reader? 

Then you're gonna LOVE this August!

Get ready for a month full of giveaways on this blog!

I'll be giving away three wonderful Proper Romance paperbacks
as well as three sweet romance ebooks by Maria Hoagland!

I have two confessions:

1. I didn't always love sweet romances.
I was an English major in college. That meant I read the classics. Literature. I learned to love and appreciate them. I learned to savor language. I became a sleuth of allusion. I sought for meaning. I also was molded into a literary snob. Genre fiction was for the lazy, uneducated junkie--and I did not want to be that person. But guess what...

2. I LOVE sweet romances.

Over the years, I have realized something that has changed my life. It is okay to like romance. Not every read has to be literary to be valued or important. It's okay to want an escape from the heavy ideas, the thick drama, the molasses of flowery language. I still learn from them. I learn about people, their feelings, how they deal with adversity, how they overcome. My compassion for others grows. And I get to escape from my own life for a little while and find joy in reading. (Not that I don't still enjoy the literary works from #1; I've just expanded my mind.)

So for the month of August, I plan to share my love of sweet romances with a combination of contemporary and historical romances, clean and wholesome enough to share with anyone. They're brilliantly written and fun to read. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Check back frequently for the Rafflecopter giveaways, but here's a little preview of what's coming...

August 1-9

Home for the Holidays by Maria Hoagland
The Secret of the India Orchid by Nancy Campbell Allen

August 6-15

Beauty and the Billionaire Beast by Maria Hoagland
The Vicar's Daughter by Josi S. Kilpack

August 21-27