Favorite Authors

Authors I Love!

(And links to my reviews of their books.)

Liz Adair, Cold River
Jolene S. Allphin and Andrew D. Olsen, Follow Me to Zion: Stories from the Willie Handcart Pioneers
Nancy Campbell Allen, Beauty and the Clockwork Beast
Nancy Campbell Allen, My Fair Gentleman
Nancy Campbell Allen, The Secret of the India Orchid
Rachael Anderson, The Fall of Lord Drayson
Rachael Anderson, Not Always Happenstance
Rachael Anderson, Pride Meets Prejudice
Rachael Anderson, The Rise of Miss Notley
Rachael Anderson, Working It Out

David A. Bednar, Power to Become
Sam Beeson, A Rare Nativity
Deanne Blackhurst, Sleight of Hand
Merrilee Boyack, 12 Gifts for Chirst
Rachel Branton, I Don't Want to Eat Bugs!
Jen Brewer, All Diets Work
Vicki Hunt Budge, Intercession

Stacy Lynn Carroll, My Name is Bryan
Donald J. Carey, Bumpy Landings
Donald J. Carey, Into the Wind
Cami Checketts, The Broken Path
Rachelle J. Christensen, Diamond Rings are Deadly Things
Rachelle J. Christensen, Veils and Vengeance
Emily Gray Clawson, A Way Back to You

Sharon M. Draper, Out of My Mind
Julianne Donaldson, Edenbrooke
Julianne Donaldson, Heir to Edenbrooke

Sarah M. Eden, Longing for Home
Sarah M. Eden, Longing for Home: Hope Springs
Sarah M. Eden, The Sheriffs of Savage Wells
DJ Erfert, Window of Death
DJ Erfert, Window of Time

Danyelle Ferguson, Love Under Construction
Danyelle Ferguson, Sweet Confections
Carolyn Twede Frank, Promises
Emily Freeman, Written on Our Hearts

Amber GilchristThe Glitch {A Comedy of Errors}
Heather Gudenkauf, These Things Hidden
Shari GuessOnce Upon a Baby: A Tale of Adoption

Vickie Hall, All That Was Promised
Jaclyn M. Hawkes, Journey of Honor
Jaclyn Hawkes, The Most Important Catch
Jaclyn Hawkes, Once Enchanted
Tamara Hart Heiner, Inevitable
Tamara Hart Heiner, Lay My Down
Tamara Hart Heiner, Tornado Warning: The Extraordinary Women of Joplin
Marie Higgins, Waiting for You
John Hilton III and Brad Wilcox, 52 Life-Changing Questions from the Book of Mormon
Teresa HirstTwelve Stones to Remember Him: Building Memorials of Faith from Financial Crisis
Cindy M. Hogan, Protected
Stephanie Humphreys, Double Deceit

Melanie Jacobson, The Fortune Cafe
Heather Justesen, Family By Design

Josi Kilpack, Forever and Forever
Josi S. Kilpack, A Lady's Favor
Josi S. Kilpack, The Vicar's Daughter

Annette K. Larsen, Just Ella
Annette K. Larsen, Painting Rain
Melissa Lemon, Blue Sky
L.C. Lewis, The Dragons of Alsace Farm
Gerald N. Lund, The Guardian (Book Two): To Run with the Swift

Elizabeth Michaels, For Love and Country
Heather B. Moore, The Fortune Cafe
Thomas S. Monson, Consider the Blessings

Andrew D. Olsen and Jolene S. Allphin, Follow Me to Zion: Stories from the Willie Handcart Pioneers
Bonnie L. Oscarson, What Makes Us Sisters

Tristi Pinkston, Season of Sacrifice

Crissy Sharp, Love and Fat-Free Cheese
Regina Sirois, On Little Wings
Mandi Tucker Slack, The Alias
Connie E. Sokol, Motherhood Matters
Charissa Stastny, Between Hope & the Highway

Rebecca Talley, The Upside of Down
Heather Tullis, Hello Again

Donna Weaver, Second Chances 101
Brad Wilcox and John Hilton III, 52 Life-Changing Questions from the Book of Mormon
Brad Wilcox, The Continuous Atonement
Brad Wilcox, Practicing for Heaven
Michelle Wilson, Does This Insecurity Make Me Look Fat?
Stephanie Connelley WorltonEverything You Need to Know about Girls Camp
Stephanie Connelley Worlton, Hope's Journey
Julie Wright, The Fortune Cafe