You may wonder why an author has a review blog. Does it feel like a conflict of interest? I hope not.

To me, writing and enjoying great books go together. It's not a competition. It's like potato chips--no reader stops at just one book. There's plenty of room out there for many genres, styles, levels of books. I don't need to denigrate someone else's book in the hopes that it makes mine sound better. Not only would that backfire, but I need other people to write fabulous novels. I crave reading books that inspire, uplift, and entertain. I want books that make me think, teach me about the world, and let me know I'm not alone in my struggles. And there are so many books that fit that category.

That is why, when I find a book I enjoy, one that fits the aforementioned criteria and does so in a wholesome, intelligent way, I want to share it with other readers. Readers who are looking for the same kinds of books I am. Readers who also might enjoy the books I write.

Most of the reviews on this blog are in response to books that I received free in exchange for my honest review. There have been a few reviews I did on my own because they affected me so much. But please know, if I can't give a book, movie, or CD a four- or five-star review, I don't even post it. I don't want to add to the negativity that swirls about like a storm around us. There's enough of that. I want to add to the sunshine. And I hope you agree.

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